Group members not showing in member list

2 weeks 1 day ago #3576 by andrewheritage
We have just set up jOpenSim and imported the old V2 groups and I see all the information in the database and inworld etc, however when I select the group profile window it's not showing any members. Any ideas what is going wrong? (We looked at opensim console and also enabled the debug options and the only thing that may be of note error wise is quite a few messages about [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: Cache miss

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1 week 2 days ago #3581 by foto50
Hi Andrew

Hmmm, here it is showing up, allthough I just encountered a lag when trying to view groups with large amount of members ...

Is your interface.log showing up anything useful when you enable debugging for groups and/or search?


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1 week 1 day ago #3583 by andrewheritage
There were no errors in the log, it just matched what you were seeing on the screen. That said in the end we decided things were due a major cleanup anyway so we took the decisions to just start fresh with groups and so far, touch wood, it all seems to be fine.

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